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DISH Network Packages

Are you ready to upgrade to satellite TV? We offer countless channels in a variety of packages so you can order the channels you love. We have something for everyone and all at affordable prices. Go DISH offers an unmatched value for premium home entertainment.


So Many Channels to Choose From

Once you've decided what kind of receiver and service you want, now comes the fun part: the channels! We offer different bundle packages, but no matter which one you choose, you will be impressed by the multitude of channels to surf through when you choose DISH Network. All packages come with access to all of your local channels at no additional cost.

America's Top Packages

Here are our package bundles:
 America's Top 120:
Includes a variety of our 120 most-popular channels
 America's Top 200: Our top-selling package comes with 200 channels
 America's Top 250: Find something for everyone with 250 options to watch
America's Everything Pack: Includes the Top 250, plus 31 premium movie channels


DVR Recorder - Satellite TV Packages

Video On-Demand

Our company offers video on-demand (VOD) service featuring superior clarity in 1080p. Our VOD service offers exceptional detail with high-quality resolution. We have thousands of the latest movies and TV shows available to rent for a 24-hour period. It's like having a movie store in your living room!

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