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Internet TV Bundles

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When our customers give us suggestions, we listen. That's why we now offer a high-speed Internet and TV bundle package. Our customers told us they liked the Internet service bundles that local cable companies offer and we developed a similar package. We understand that you would rather streamline your service through a single provider, which is why we're proud to provide both satellite programming and high-speed Internet.


Dependable Internet Access

Our company has teamed up with the most-popular Internet providers across the country to supply high-speed connections. Do you live in a remote area where high-speed Internet isn't available? We can provide it via satellite so you can have efficient online access whenever you need it.

Prompt Customer Service

When you choose to add Internet service to your existing DISH package, it will come with a promise of the same exceptional service we provide to satellite customers. Our friendly customer service representatives work hard to answer every call as soon as possible, aiming for minimal customer wait times. We know that your time is important, which is why we strive to give our customers the prompt service they've come to expect from Go DISH.


What are you waiting for? Call us today to get DISH Network high-speed Internet service bundled with a satellite package in cities such as Los Angeles, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Tacoma, Seattle, and many more!